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Advanced Java Training in Chennai | Java REST Angular Full Stack

Advanced Java Training in Chennai

Core Java 8 (JavaSE):

  • Basic Java
  • Types, Control Flow, Classes, Objects, Interfaces, Exceptions
  • Java 5+ features - Annotations and Generics, Generic Collections
  • Java 8 Lambdas
  • Concurrency, Threads and Executors (Thread Pools)


  • Basic RDBMS and SQL Concepts (using MySQL or Maria DB)
  • Tables, Views, Transactions, Isolation Levels, Locking, Entity Relationships
  • Primary Key, Foreign Key, Constraints, Indexes


  • Introduction to JUnit for development unit testing.
  • At least 25% of the hands on demos will be in JUnit.
  • Purpose of development unit testing and its importance in large scale applications.
  • Unit testing POJO classes/services and REST services from JUnit (JavaSE).


  • Introduction to Ant for building java applications.
  • Will cover ant targets, javac, jar tasks, etc and building war applications.

CDI/Weld: Context And Dependency Injection (JavaEE Standard)

  • Weld: Official CDI implementation for JavaEE (from Jboss/RedHat)
  • High level overview of Dependency Injection
  • Overview and comparison of Spring and Weld
  • Dependency Injection with Weld
  • Producers (of injectable objects - factory methods)
  • Qualifiers, Alternatives, Decorators
  • Interceptors (Aspect oriented programming)
  • Scopes - Request Scope, Application Scope, Dependent Scope.

JPA/Hibernate 5 (JavaEE Standard):

  • Object Relational Mapping
  • JPA Persistence/Transaction Architecture
  • Persistent Classes with JPA Annotations
  • Persisting Entities and Transactions
  • Entity Associations
  • Entity Inheritance
  • Transitive Persistence
  • JPQL and HQL
  • JPA Criteria (from JPA 2.0)
  • Concurrency and Locking
  • ORM Special Features: Fetch Optimizations.

JAX-RS/Jersey (JavaEE Standard):

  • JAX-RS: JavaEE Rest Services Standard
  • Jersey: Sun/Oracle implementation of REST Standard
  • Benefits of REST Services coupled with Single Page Apps(SPA)/Mobile Apps
  • Demo of a simple REST Service which integrates following technologies to serve an AngularJS application:
  • Java 8 ,Hibernate/JPA ,Database ,Weld/CDI ,Jersey/JAX-RS ,Tomcat
  • Minimal JavaEE Web Application (.war with Servlet/JSPs)- deploying to Tomcat 8.
  • HTTP Protocol: GET/POST/PUT/DELETE Methods.
  • JSON: Introduction to JSON
  • REST Resource using Weld for Dependency injection from REST layer all the way down to Entity layer.
  • Finding objects - Various types of GET Requests and URL Path matching - @Produces
  • Creating and updating objects - @Consumes
  • Centralized error handling and returning proper HTTP Codes and error messages.
  • e.g. Create a User, Update a User, Delete a User, and find one or more Users.

REST/AngularJS Project:

    Will define a REST project for each student - so that they can develop it themselves with faculty guidance

Angular JS

  • Angular Introduction
  • Model view and controller explained
  • services and dependency injection
  • Data binding and services
  • Single page applications
  • writing custom services
  • writing custom directives
  • organizing the code, building an application

Tomcat 8

  • WAR Archive format
  • web.xml structure for Weld and REST Services
  • Tomcat Server Configuration
  • Stateless vs Stateful Web Services Deployment
  • DataSources Configuration
  • WebServices Deployment and Redeployment