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IBM - HACMP (POWERHA) Exam Chennai


The IBMs answer for high-accessibility groups on the AIX Unix and Linux for IBM System p stages and stands for High Availability Cluster Multiprocessing. It is otherwise called HACMP and PowerHA. This was produced by IBM in the year 2016 utilizing Operating System AIX. PowerHA depends vigorously on IBMs Reliable Scalable Cluster Technology (RSCT). PowerHA is a RSCT mindful customer. RSCT is dispersed with AIX. RSCT has a daemon called assemble administrations which arranges the reaction to occasions of enthusiasm for the bunch. RSCT is utilized to give a facilitate reaction between hubs by checking and correspondence are given by the Cluster Aware AIX (CAA) framework. HACMP additionally depends intensely on CAA, a bunching framework incorporated with the working framework and abused by RSCT and PowerHA.

CAA gives the checking and correspondence foundation for PowerHA and other bunching arrangements on AIX, and in addition group wide occasion warning utilizing the Autonomic Health Advisor File System (AHAFS) and bunch mindful AIX charges with clcmd. CAA is for the most part used to supplant the capacity Topology Services in RSCT. It is utilized to Asynchronous replication bolster, and has a refreshed help for DLPAR/CUOD to incorporate help for IBM POWER5 and POWER6 processors, likewise bolster for LPAR versatility to move basic applications, the PowerHA/XD PPRC support of Global Mirror when utilized with SAN Volume Controller, its capacity permits PowerHA/XD PPRC to help different capacity subsystems at each site, and furthermore furnishes a superior coordination with the AIX working framework by staying away from alterations to the TCP/IP raising procedure. There are different renditions that were discharged before the present variant.

They are PowerHA SystemMirror 7, PowerHA SystemMirror 7.2, PowerHA SystemMirror 7.2.1, PowerHA SystemMirror 7.1 , PowerHA SystemMirror 7.1.1, PowerHA 6, PowerHA 6.1, HACMP 5, HACMP 5.5, HACMP 5.4.1, HACMP 5.4, HACMP 5.3, HACMP 5.2, HACMP 5.1, HACMP 4, HACMP 4.5, HACMP 4.4, HACMP 4.3, HACMP 4.2. These are utilized to Standard and Enterprise Editions. It likewise bolsters EMC SRDF. It likewise underpins GLVM 2-site Configuration Wizard. It additionally gives Improvements to SMIT boards and File Collections. It likewise bolsters IpV6.